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Health and Social Care Delivery Plan

The Health and Social Care Delivery Plan was published on December 19, 2016 to up the pace of improvement and change within Scotland’s health and care system.

This national delivery plan sets out a series of key actions for government and local health and care services to deliver better patient care and better population health.

Key pieces of work already being taken forward are brought together in the plan including: investment in and the reform of GP services, primary care and social care services, including integration of health and social care; delivering more effective planning of NHS services; and intensifying efforts to improve public health and mental health services.

The plan has been developed to help address the rising demand being faced by health and care services, and the changing needs of an ageing population.

It fulfils the Scottish Government’s commitment to publishing a delivery plan following the publication of Audit Scotland’s report, NHS in Scotland 2016, in October.

The plan will be supported by £128 million of change funding in 2017-18.


The Health and Social Care Delivery Plan, sets clear activities and milestones that focus on four major programmes of activity:

  • health and social care integration;
  • the National Clinical Strategy;
  • public health improvement; and
  • Reforming NHS Boards.

NHS boards will be asked to include their contributions to driving the work of this delivery plan in their Local Delivery Plans for 2017/18