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Useful Contacts

Death Certification Review Service

Email: dcrs@nhs24.scot.nhs.uk

Telephone: 0300 123 1898

SCI Gateway - Technical Support

Telephone: 0141 282 2100

Reorder of MCCD Books

Books should be obtained via your health board contact. Contact details can be found using the link below:

http://www.sci.scot.nhs.uk/docs/2016-04-20_MCCD Single Point of Contact.xlsx

NHS Local Implementation Leads

Each NHS Health Board is expected to appoint an Implementation Lead, who will be responsible for ensuring local readiness for the new scrutiny system. A local implementation group should also be established to provide a forum for all local interests to collaborate.

Local implementation groups should at a minimum include:

  • Local NHS Board and hospice bereavement services
  • Health records managers - independent medical reviewers will require access to medical records in certain circumstances, and health recordsmanagers will have a key role in supporting this
  • Staff involved in training
  • Both primary and secondary care doctors
  • LMCs
  • Local authority/local funeral industry staff/crematoria and burial group
  • Faith communities

The group will work to ensure every certifying doctor and other relevant staff are made aware of all the changes, and receive the necessary training on time. It should also develop co-ordinated processes to interact with the bereaved family and friends.

The group will also ensure the practical implications of operating the new system within the NHS Board are met by the date of implementation, and that they will continue to be met after the system is implemented.