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NHSScotland National Uniform

NHS Uniform 2 2018NHSScotland staff work in challenging roles, delivering a first-class service to the people of Scotland, and deserve a uniform that is fit for the demanding job they do.

The uniform has been specifically designed for NHSScotland. The material, specially formulated for the uniform, is cool enough for the hospital environment and it stretches to allow freedom of movement. An improved style and fit also makes the uniform more appropriate for all manual handling needs.

Following the publication of the Vale of Leven report, the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport asked that in order to support clinical leadership at ward level; consideration be given to providing a new NHSScotland uniform for Clinical Nurse Managers. The purpose of this was to improve the visibility of senior nurse leadership, and increase public visibility and accountability of senior nursing leaders within the ward setting.

  • Clinical Nurse Managers wear a shade of burgundy. The rest of The Clinical Team, staff involved in patient treatment, wear tunics in five shades of blue with navy trousers
  • The Non-Clinical Team, including porters, catering and domestic staff, wear two shades of green with navy trousers

These colour-coded national uniforms present a readily recognisable professional corporate image, making it easier for patients and the public to identify NHSScotland staff and their roles.