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Workforce Policy

NHSScotland has made a lot of progress in recent years in improving life expectancy, reducing ill health and delivering on its key performance targets.

The 2020 Vision for Scotland builds on those improvements and signals more emphasis than ever on delivering for patients, what they need, when they need it.

The Workforce Policy team lead on pay, terms and conditions of service, pensions, education and training and workforce planning. The 2020 Workforce Vision was published in June 2013 and the first Implementation Plan was published in December 2013. It sets out the vision and values for NHSScotland and the five priorities for action in 2014-15. The implementation plan for 2015-16 is now available.

UK Shape of Training Steering Group

The UK Shape of Training Steering Group shared a statement on February 17, 2015 endorsing general and specific proposals, outlining next steps and focus on specific activities:

Shape of Medical Training

The Shape of Training Review, led by an independent chair (Professor David Greenaway) examined postgraduate medical education and training in the UK to ensure that doctors now and in the future are able to meet the changing needs of patients, society and health services. Further information on the review is available: 

The final report, Securing the Future of Excellent Patient Care, included 19 far-reaching recommendations and was submitted to the four UK Health Departments in October 2013.

The four UK Health Departments have said they are broadly supportive of the direction set out by the review. They agreed the formation of a UK-wide Steering Group led by the four UK Health Departments with input from key delivery partners to take forward more detailed and costed analysis of the recommendations.

The four nation group agreed to host a series of workshops in September 2014 to explore further with stakeholders different aspects of the report.

Workshop Outcomes - Statement

At its meeting on November 4, 2014, the four-nation group discussed the outcomes of the September 2014 workshops and what the next steps should be. A statement was issued:

It is widely known that in response to the changing needs of patients a review of the shape of medical training has been undertaken. The review, led by Professor Sir David Greenaway, culminated in the submission of a report entitled "Shape of Medical Training: securing the future of excellent patient care" to the four UK Health Ministers in October 2013.

Given the significance of the recommendations for patients, service providers and the medical profession, Ministers instructed officials to collaborate on a four-nation basis to consider the implications of implementing the recommendations outlined in the report, and to develop appropriate policy proposals. A UK Shape of Training Steering Group was convened for this purpose.

The UK Steering Group reviewed the report earlier this year, recognised the proposals would significantly change the way in which postgraduate medical education and training is delivered, and concluded that further work was required in order to understand how the implementation of the recommendations would work in practice. Six workshops involving a wide range of stakeholders were convened to consider the key recommendations in more detail and to assist policy considerations. A summary of the output from these workshops will be made available in the near future.

At its meeting on November 4, the UK Steering Group reviewed the output from the workshops and considered how this aligned with the recommendations in the Shape of Training Report. After discussion, members agreed a number of draft policy proposals to be presented to the four UK Health Ministers in the next few weeks.

The UK Steering Group recognises that is for the four UK Health Ministers to decide what the next steps should be and, if policy proposals are approved, economic impact analysis will need to be undertaken to test the affordability of proposals. Timings for further engagement are still to be agreed.