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Community Hospitals

In April 2012, the Scottish Government published the Community Hospital Strategy Refresh.

The strategy refresh builds on the work started by the Developing Community Hospitals Strategy and reflects on how current strategic priorities should influence the vision for community hospitals. The strategy refresh highlights a number of good practice examples and action points for the Scottish Government and NHS Boards, including:

  • Ensuring that people who utilise community hospitals are the centre of care pathways
  • Provision for the development of the workforce in community hospitals
  • Identifying how community hospitals can de developed to better provide for local communities

This work is being taken forward by the Community Hospital Improvement Network hosted by NHS National Education for Scotland.

Over its first year the Network has undertaken a number of activities to gather information and clarity on what the community hospitals workforce would like us to focus on. As a result, action plan has been agreed which introduces an improvement programme focusing on key priorities for 2013-15 which include:

  • Telemedicine Implementation and Spread
  • Data Collection Enhancement
  • Dementia Service Improvement