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NHS Boards

NHSScotland consists of:

  • 14 regional NHS Boards which are responsible for the protection and the improvement of their population's health and for the delivery of frontline healthcare services
  • Seven Special NHS Boards and one public health body who support the regional NHS Boards by providing a range of important specialist and national services

Special NHS Boards

  • NHS Education for Scotland: Developing and delivering education and training for those who work in NHSScotland
  • NHS Health Scotland: Promoting ways to improve the health of the population and reduce health inequalities
  • Golden Jubilee Foundation: Ensuring prompt access to first-class treatment
  • NHS24: Providing health advice and information
  • Scottish Ambulance Service: Responding to almost 600,000 accident and emergency calls and taking 1.6 million patients to and from hospital each year
  • The State Hospitals Board for Scotland: Providing assessment, treatment and care in conditions of special security for individuals with a mental disorder whom because of their dangerous, violent or criminal propensities, cannot be cared for in any other setting
  • NHS National Services Scotland: Supplying essential services including health protection, blood transfusion and information
  • Healthcare Improvement Scotland: Delivering high quality, evidence-based, safe, effective and person-centred care, and scrutinising services to provide public assurance about the quality and safety of healthcare