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Workforce Practice

Better Employers. Better Staff. Better Care.

NHSScotland has a long and strong tradition of providing high quality care to the population. Everyone working in NHSScotland has a role to play in this whatever their job. Our NHSScotland staff are key to delivering high quality services, and it is essential that everyone feels well supported to do their role.

Staff governance focuses on how NHSScotland staff are managed, and feel they are managed, by one of Scotland’s largest employers. It forms part of the governance framework within which NHS Boards must operate:

NHSScotland’s commitment to staff governance was reinforced by the legislative underpinning within the NHS Reform (Scotland) Act 2004. The Staff Governance Standard Framework is the key policy document to support the legislation which aims to improve how NHSScotland’s diverse workforce is treated at work.

Staff who feel engaged, involved and valued provide for a strong workforce and a strong workforce is essential to achieve continuous improvement in delivering healthcare services. It is, therefore, in the interest of NHSScotland, our patients and the wider community that our staff enjoy a positive employee experience and that we all live up to our motto: better employers; better staff; better care.

By regularly reviewing the levels of satisfaction of our staff and by sharing best practices, we are able to continually identify areas for improvement and apply suitable alternatives at both a local and national level.

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