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Health and Work

Scottish Government launched the Health Works strategy in November 2009. Health Works is a review of the Scottish Government's Healthy Working Lives Strategy and includes updated actions.

The strategy recognises the important links between health and wellbeing, and work and other meaningful activity:

Health Works Actions

The Scottish Offer defines the role of the NHS in providing healthcare services to those working age individuals with a health barrier to work and to support them through the stages of the patient journey back towards work.

An outcomes framework and performance management model that would demonstrate links to health improvement, health inequalities and economic development outcomes has been developed. The Outcomes Framework for Scotland’s Health Works Strategy sets out the key health and work outcomes required to support working age people in Scotland move towards work, return to, or remain in work and well:

Health Works Tools

Tools have been developed by the Health and Work Unit in partnership with stakeholders to help the delivery of the Health Works Strategy: