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GPBH as a tool for co-production

In addressing our aim to achieve a new approach to environment and health in Scotland, we recognised that many of the key players operate at a local level, including through health boards, local government, community planning partnerships, third sector organisations and communities themselves. Engagement and enabling work at a local level was a key part of implementing a new approach.

Therefore as part of the prototype phase, the project implemented various pieces of work throughout Scotland. The objectives of these pieces of work were to apply approaches and mechanisms to enable the links between environment and health to be made locally with a view to ensuring a range of agencies gained an appreciation of the health nurturing capacity of environment.

The  local engagement work undertaken during the prototype phase has demonstrated that the basic model and approach associated with Good Places, Better Health can be used successfully in a community development setting.

It has proved to be an effective way of bringing professionals and communities together to think about how place impacts on health and what actions are required to improve health.

The approach was applied with a community in Llanbryde and with professionals involved in the Healthy Futures programme in North Ayrshire.

Resources are available to allow wider use of this approach. For more detailed information or guidance please use the details listed under Contacts.

Developing local workshops around Environment and Health

As part of the Good Places Better Health initiative, NHS Health Scotland have produced a manual to assist practitioners to develop local workshops around environment and health: