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Scottish Government
Good Places Better Health Team
St. Andrew's House
Regent Road
Edinburgh EH1 3DG

Good Places Better Health Approach

The Good Places, Better Health Prototype

The idea of the prototype phase was to provide a manageable scope by focusing on a limited number of issues but at the same time developing a methodological infrastructure which could be applied to other topics after the prototype was completed.

It aimed to tackle the core challenges associated with the prototype topics:

  • Framing the issues
  • Building the evidence base
  • Mobilising change

Framing the issues

Good Places, Better Health frames the complex relationships between environment and human health and this is achieved through focus groups who identify and prioritise the environmental issues associated with any given health outcome. The process is facilitated around the modified DPSEEA model (Drivers, Pressures, State, Exposure, Effects, Actions and Context).

This unique approach allows as wide a spectrum of intelligence to be captured as possible. Focus groups have been held for every prototype topic at least once and in total the output from nine workshops have contributed to the intelligence gathering process.

The response from participants has been positive and has generated further requests to run DPSEEA workshops on other topics.

Building the evidence base

From the outset the project has taken a wide view of what should be regarded as evidence. Environment and Health is an area where there a strictly causal or quantitative approach would have resulted in a low evidence yield.

The project team also felt that a combination of international research, Scottish data and practitioner feedback would provide a much richer evidential picture.