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Food Programmes

There are a wide range of initiatives that the government are taking forward to help the people of scotland make informed choices to a healthier lifestyle.

Healthyliving Programme

The Scottish Grocers Federation (SGF) Healthyliving Programme improves the supply and provision of fresh produce and healthier food choices in local convenience stores, particularly in low income areas, carrying a range of fruit and vegetables suitable to their communities.

As the programme has developed the focus has expanded to bring in healthy products within other categories so offering a wider choice:

Healthyliving Award

The Healthyliving Award helps food outlets prepare and promote the sale of healthier food options. The Award recognises and rewards caterers who reduce the amount of fat, salt and sugar in food they provide and make healthy options more easily available. Settings include workplace canteens, community cafés, oil rigs.

Over 95 per cent of all NHS hospital restaurants and Scottish Prisons have the award. More recently the first mobile food outlet has achieve the award:


Community Food and Health Scotland

Community Food and Health (Scotland) (CFHS) supports work within low-income communities to improve access to and take-up of a healthy diet by working with individuals, groups and agencies at local, regional and national levels, providing networking, skills development and training, practice and policy development:

In addition to this they have an annual small grants scheme which is open to groups and agencies who would like to tackle one or more of the barriers to healthy eating, such as affordability or availability, and the negative impact of culture and lack of food skills.