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Chief Scientist Office
Scottish Government Health & Social Care Directorates
St Andrew's House
Regent Road
0131 244 2688

Chief Scientist (Health)

David Crossman 2Professor David Crossman was appointed Chief Scientist for Health on 1 November 2017. He is also Dean of Medicine at the University of St Andrews and an honorary consultant cardiologist in NHS Fife practicing outpatient cardiology.

The Chief Scientist Office's (CSO's) mission is to support promote excellent research and innovation in NHSScotland that is likely to make a real difference to clinical practice and the health of the citizens of Scotland, the UK and internationally.

Its aim is to demonstrate the value of research and innovation in securing lasting improvements in health. CSO directly supports the research community, especially the next generation of researchers. CSO also invests heavily in the research and innovation infrastructure in NHSScotland to create a vibrant environment where research and innovation is integrated into the everyday work of the NHS in Scotland.

Key work areas for CSO are:

  • Funding high quality research relevant to NHSScotland through researcher initiative grants schemes. At any one time CSO is funding around 190 research projects
  • Supporting research in NHSScotland through the NHS Research Scotland (NRS) partnership
  • Contributing to funding of research awarded through the National Institute for Health Research Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre (NETSCC)
  • Offering a number of training fellowships to improve the research and development skills base and fuel the development of evidence-based practice
  • Building and implementing a Health Research Strategy for NHSScotland
  • Promoting the dissemination and implementation of research findings
  • Encouraging strong research ethics appraisal and research governance
  • Supporting a number of research units across Scotland
  • Participating in a number of Scottish and UK-wide health research initiatives
  • Including public representation in our decision making processes
  • Promoting and supporting innovation in NHSScotland, including investment in Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL) and the Health Innovation Partnership programme to support the translation of innovative products from original idea to widespread adoption