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This content is not being updated. You can find the latest Scottish Government guidance on state aid on https://beta.gov.scot.

If it is State Aid















If it is State Aid

Having established that State aid may be an issue for you by answering the 4 key questions, you need to know whether the aid you want to provide is covered under an existing approved scheme or can be awarded using existing European Commission Guidelines and Frameworks.

If the aid you wish to give does not fall under an existing approved scheme or regulation you may have to notify this aid the EC or get further advice.  In either case you should contact the State Aid Unit in the first instance.


This section of the website can help you:



  • Get information about de minimis funding, small amounts of funding that the Commission does not consider to have an effect on competition



  • Be aware of specific restrictions which limit or prohibit aid in specific industry sectors


  • Understand the implications of Getting it Wrong and awarding aid which may be 'illegal'.


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