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This content is not being updated. You can find the latest Scottish Government guidance on state aid on https://beta.gov.scot.

State Aid Team

The State Aid Team (SAT) is part of the Scottish Government's Directorate for Economic Development, European Structural Funds Division.  The SAT is here to assist you in several ways:


1 -  We offer advice to the Scottish public sector on proposed public funding or assistance and compliance with the European Commission's (EC) State aid rules (covering the industrial, agricultural, fisheries and transport sectors) - which apply to all EU Member States.  Specifically:

  • Providing you with an informed view, at an early stage, on whether your policy or funding/assistance proposal is likely to be a State aid and, if it is;
  • Advising you on what aid is allowed under the EC's State aid rules, and;
  • Working with you to enable the legal granting of your aid - on the notification procedures and conditions required by the EC


2 -  We offer presentations and training seminars, helping you and your staff to identify when you are dealing with State aid and the potential implications for your work.


3 -  We help pursue Scottish interests in respect of State aid, acting as the Scottish interface on State aid with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (DBIS) in London (State aid is a reserved issue), the UK Permanent Representation (UKRep) in Brussels and the State aid teams for the devolved administrations in Wales and Northern Ireland.  Our responsibilities include:

  • Helping Scottish clients notify or modify Scottish State aid schemes
  • Representing the Scottish perspective on EC consultations to DBIS
  • Participating in discussions on State aid issues pertinent to the UK with DBIS and our Welsh and Northern Irish counterparts.


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