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Promoting Scotland

Welcome to Scotland

Scotland is a country with strong global connections. Historically, Scots have travelled the world, contributing to the culture and economies of many and broadening our nation's horizons.

Still today you don’t need to go far to see the impact  Scotland has made on the world - from Carnegie Hall in New York to the world’s first commercially available bionic hand, our reputation as a progressive, creative nation proceeds us.

The Scottish Government works to forge a stronger fairer society at home, to create a more successful country with opportunities for all to flourish, through increasing sustainable economic growth. To do this, we must play our part in the global economy. 

Scotland believes in internationalism, the need to work with other nations, institutions and businesses to contribute to the success of the global community. As Scotland’s ambitions grow so does the importance of our country’s international reputation.

Scotland’s reputation has been built on centuries of exploration, exports, education, emigration and immigration. We have welcomed people of all nations who have contributed to the rich and diverse culture we are so proud of today.

The historical strength of Scotland’s reputation serves as a keystone to build our modern nation brand upon. We are world-renowned for the warmth of our welcome, our educational excellence and thriving tourism industry. We need to continue to build on this, to continue to promote Scotland as a country of choice to live, learn, visit, work, do business and invest.

The Scottish Government's international marketing  team is crucial to communicating Scotland’s strengths to the world.

Scotland in numbersThe team works with VisitScotland, SDI, Universities Scotland, TalentScotland and many others to engage Scots and Scots at heart with everything Scotland has to offer.

Through our digital channels, we engage with millions of people around the world each year. From our global website,, which welcomes over 1.6 million visitors each year, to our new Chinese language web presence,, to our social channels through which we actively engage with friends old and new around the globe on a daily basis.

Part of the Scottish Government’s internationalisation strategy is the creation of one ‘International narrative’ to tell Scotland’s story based on our key strengths. Working with key stakeholders, this is constantly updated to capture real-time facts and figures to present Scotland at its best. 

Closer to home, international marketing is responsible for maximising the opportunities around Scotland’s national holidays. St Andrew’s Day and Burns Night open and close Scotland’s Winter Festivals - a three month celebration of Scottish culture and heritage celebrated across the country

The team also supports the annual Scotland Week celebrations in New York, the rest of the USA and Canada, the work of colleagues in the Scottish Affairs office in China and ministerial visits to priority markets throughout the year.

Promoting Scotland
The official international gateway to Scotland for information about history, culture, landscape, events, food, drink and people.
Showcasing Scotland as an outstanding destination to live, work and study. Offering free services for job advertising, company promotion and access to graduates as well as visa, immigration and relocation advice.
Scotland's national tourism organisation provides information on Scotland travel, vacations, tours, holidays and accommodation.
Working to generate, bid for, attract and sustain events which will drive tourism and create international profile for Scotland.