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Lessons - project management - overview

Learning and continuous improvement are fundamental to effective project delivery. Lessons (both positive and not so positive) should be identified and discussed throughout a project’s lifecycle to help improve delivery.

The Programme and Project Management Centre of Expertise (PPM-CoE) promotes the Scottish Government’s PPM principles, facilitates a community of practice and has developed a toolkit with supporting guidance to assist Senior Responsible Officers (SROs) and Accountable Officers to identify lessons.

Research by the Association of Project Management Knowledge SIG found that: "knowledge [from project delivery] cannot be managed using a simple 'capture and disseminate' approach. In practice, good knowledge management is mostly about creating an environment where people want to share what they know. It includes HR interventions, networking and simply giving people time to talk to each other". Scottish Government focus on creating a knowledge sharing environment to encourage people to build relationships, networks and trust. We have online communities of practice and hold regular events which provide a safe environment for experience sharing and discussions.

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