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Independent Assurance - Overview

Independent Assurance aims to increase the likelihood that change initiatives delivered by policy, programmes or projects achieve the intended results and outcomes.  It involves people who are not directly associated with the initiative or delivery area.  This brings a fresh perspective and constructive challenge for teams tasked with delivering in complex but strategically important environments.

Independent assurance gives Accountable Officers, Senior Responsible Owners and Ministers confidence in the delivery of major commitments.

Independent assurance is mandatory for certain categories of change initiatives and conditions are detailed in the Scottish Public Finance Manual.

Main components of independent assurance

Other components of independent assurance are:

How are the various assurance processes integrated?

It is important to co-ordinate the delivery of assurance activities throughout the policy to delivery lifecycle in a way which ensures the right assurances are delivered but does not overburden the delivery team. The Scottish Government’s Independent Assurance Framework shows how the main components fit together to support the delivery of major change initiatives in the main delivery sectors.