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Gateway Review 3 (GR3) - Investment Decision

This review confirms that the recommended investment decision is appropriate before the contract is placed with a supplier or partner (or a work order placed with an existing supplier or other delivery partner). It provides assurances on the processes used to select a supplier (not the supplier selection decision itself). The Review also assesses:

  • whether the process has been well managed
  • whether the business needs are being met
  • that both the client and the supplier can implement and manage the proposed solution
  • that the necessary processes are in place to achieve a successful outcome after contract award (or equivalent)

The Project Team and Review Team must be satisfied that due consideration has been given to all the factors, including choices about proposed commercial arrangements with any existing suppliers that offer value for money. A project will normally go through one GR3.

However, in some circumstances it may be necessary for a project to repeat the GR3. For example, for construction projects there may be a requirement for more than one, when the investment decision for the project is made. If there is a second investment decision (such as for two-stage design and build) there may be a need for a first review for the contract award and a subsequent review to confirm the investment decision based on the construction price.

Similarly, for some IT-enabled and service enhancement projects there may be a need for a first review before a pilot implementation or initial design contract is undertaken, and a subsequent review to confirm the investment decision before full implementation.