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Gateway Report

The report follows a ‘standard’ template that records:

  • the purpose of the review
  • conclusion and a Delivery Confidence Assessment (DCA)
  • findings and recommendations
  • guidance on future reviews of the programme/project
Timing of subsequent reviews

The report indicates when the next review should happen. The Programme and Project Management-Centre of Expertise (PPM-CoE) will contact the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) around three or four months before this suggested review date to confirm the programme/project is ready for review and that there has been no significant change in its scope and/or risk profile since the last review.

If there has been significant change, the PPM-CoE may request an updated Risk Potential Assessment Form is completed and a further assessment meeting is held to re-consider the nature of the support required.

Once confirmed and timing agreed, the PPM-CoE contact the review team to re-engage them. The planning meeting provides an opportunity for the review team to refamiliarise themselves with the programme/project and to receive an update on the actions taken on recommendations from the previous review report.