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Gateway Review 2 (GR2) - Delivery Strategy

Assesses the project's viability, its potential for success, the value for money to be achieved, and the proposed approach for achieving delivery of the project's objectives. If appropriate, the Review will assess whether the project is ready to invite proposals or tenders from the market. This Review assures the Project Board that the selected delivery approach is appropriate for the proposed business change, whether involving the acquisition of goods or services, effecting organisational change, policy implementation, rollout of services to citizens, or other development.

Where a strategic partnering arrangement is in place, procurement regulations may still apply along with market benchmarking, value for money assessments and potential contract changes therefore the review appraisal must still be undertaken. The Project Team and Review Team must be satisfied that due consideration has been given to all the factors, including choices about proposed commercial arrangements with the existing supplier that offer value for money.

A project will normally go through a single GR2 to validate the proposed delivery strategy before any commitments are made to prospective suppliers or delivery partners about the acquisition process.

However, large procurement projects taking many months may need to go through more GR2s as appropriate.