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Gateway Reviews

OGC GatewayTM

These are short, focused reviews  that occur at key decision points. The Reviews are conducted on behalf of the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) by a team of experienced practitioners, independent of the Project Team.

A Review is only a snap-shot of the project at this time and recommendations are based on the interviews undertaken and evidence presented. The review is intended to be supportive and forward looking and will take future plans into account but only as future intentions, rather than actualities.

What does it apply to?

Assessment for the review is mandatory for all programmes and projects delivered by organisations covered by the terms of the Major Investment Section of the Scottish Public Finance Manual.

How does it work?

Preparation follows a structured process of assessment and planning. Reviews are carried out in advance of the key decision points within a project's lifecycle. There are five key decision points.. These are:

Change initiatives may also be delivered by a programme and there is a review specifically designed for programmes, which can be repeated as often as necessary across the life of the programme:

This review may also be adapted to projects.