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Sustainable Procurement Duty Tools

The sustainable public procurement prioritisation tool

The prioritisation tool has been designed to aid all procuring organisations across the Scottish public sector. It has been designed to bring a standard, structured approach to the assessment of spend categories. Underpinned by the National Outcomes, it focuses on the government's purpose of increasing sustainable economic growth and supports the outcomes-based approach to public procurement.

Sustainability Test

The Sustainability Test is designed to help embed relevant and proportionate sustainability requirements in the development of frameworks and contracts. Used in conjunction with The Scottish Prioritisation Methodology it gives clear direction on embedding sustainable action into your procurement exercises.

The revised National Performance Framework was launched in June 2018. We will be updating the sustainable procurement tools in line with the new outcomes. In practice, we do not envisage that this will result in much difference to the risks and opportunities in the prioritisation tool or the sustainability test. It is likely to result in development of the criteria, but, as has already happened with the ethics section, we always hoped to develop these over time.  Any feedback on the tools is welcome by emailing scottishprocurement@gov.scot

Life cycle impact mapping

Life cycle impact mapping is a simple and effective way of assessing the sustainable risks and opportunities in the procurement process. A contracting authority may use this approach to identify the social, economic and environmental impact of individual procurements and the opportunities within the process to drive good working practices.

Flexible Framework assessment tool

The assessment tool will help procuring organisations assess their current level of performance and the actions required to improve.

Aimed at all organisations within the Scottish public sector, it will help reveal and implement relevant actions to embed good procurement practice to achieve sustainable outcomes. Progression through the five levels is based on providing evidence that the requirements of each level is met. An action plan is generated which may inform your procurement strategy and identify relevant actions to enable progression.

Sustainability Test guidance

Guidance to support the Sustainability Test tool is in progress. For more information email the Scottish Procurement mailbox.