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The Scottish Government encourages the involvement of the private and voluntary sectors in the sponsorship of government activities wherever appropriate. Sponsorship can help exploit the commercial potential of non-tangible assets. However:

  • Sponsorship must be of specific events not of people
  • Sponsorship should not imply endorsement of a product or company
  • Sponsorship should not place Ministers or the Government under undue obligation
  • Sponsorship is used to add to core funding making it possible to extend projects

Sponsorship can be defined as:

“a business relationship of mutual benefit involving the transference of funds, resources or services from the sponsor to the sponsored party in return for an association and a set of rights which are to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.”

The parameters for sponsor involvement in the public sector are:

  • companies’ support should be seen as adding significant benefit to an existing Government activity, message or campaign
  • there should be no overt commercial advantage to the sponsor in terms of the direct sale of products or services as a result of their association with the Government
  • sponsors should add to, not replace core funding

The Scottish Government has provided Sponsorship Guidance.

Additionally, Scottish Procurement in consultation with Media and Communications Group (MCG) and any other part of the Government who might have an interest, will advise if sponsorship is appropriate and/or practical.