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Scottish Procurement Policy Handbook

library booksThe Scottish Procurement Policy Handbook sets out the fundamental rules, behaviours and standards applicable to public procurement activity in Scotland.

It is aimed at all public sector procurement organisations across Scotland and promotes the use of open and transparent procedures.

This will, in turn, improve access to public sector contracts for suppliers and service providers and lead to better public procurement.

The hand book was prepared in response to a recommendation in John McClelland's Review of Public Procurement in Scotland and has been developed in consultation with the Policy Forum which comprises key stakeholders from each sector and representatives from each of the Centres of Expertise.

19 April 2016

Please note – the Scottish Procurement Policy Handbook (2008) is under review as it does not contain current policy, legislation or templates. Please refer to the latest policy advice and legislation for specific information on procurement exercises commencing from 18 April 2016 onwards.