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Construction Assurance

Most Scottish Government policy is delivered through projects and programmes of one form and another. It is vital that this investment is delivered effectively and efficiently.  

The potential value of reviewing and evaluating a project or programme is only fully recognised when action is taken on the findings and recommendations and this is used to inform future performance. 

Evaluation must:
  • be planned from the outset of the project
  • be continuous throughout a project's/programme's whole life-cycle
  • examine the outturn of a project, programme or policy against its objectives
  • add value by providing lessons from experience to help future management or development of a specific project, programme or policy
Policy requirements

The Scottish Public Finance Manual requires Senior Responsible Owners to adopt a rigorous approach to benefits management. In particular, the manual requires:

  • benefits to be identified
  • plans for the realisation of benefits to be put in place, and
  • the delivery of benefits to be measured to demonstrate that the intended return on investment has being achieved

Senior Responsible Owners responsible for delivering construction projects and programmes should be aware that a number of sectors have developed specific assurance processes and guidance and they should seek advice about these requirements. Some key sources include:

If you require construction assurance advice or have any queries please contact Construction Procurement Policy Unit's Construction Assurance Hub at:

Scottish Government Core Implementation Team
or telephone us on: 0131 244 8492