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Cabinet Office - Scottish Procurement Concordat

The Cabinet Office publishes guidance on a wide range of best practice issues, this guidance is developed in consultation with Scottish Procurement.

The development and application of public procurement policy and best practice in Scotland is a devolved matter and where Scottish Procurement has published guidance on particular topics this supersedes any corresponding Cabinet Office guidance.

In other cases, Scottish Procurement may wish to endorse the Cabinet Office guidance, but with certain qualifications to take account of the separate Scottish policy and legislative context and/or Scots law.

Care should be taken when considering Cabinet Office guidance that any potential differences in Scotland and this website should be consulted to check whether different guidance applies in Scotland.

A Concordat exists between Scottish Ministers and the UK Government. It sets out the mechanisms for the handling of EU and international policy issues on public procurement. There is also a Memorandum of Understanding between the Scottish Government and the UK Government.

Concordat on Co-ordination of EU, International and Policy Issues on Public Procurement