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Key benefits for suppliers

Key Benefits for Suppliers

Faster Payment

eInvoicing removes the mailing, routing, sorting and re-keying of paper invoices. Suppliers can direct invoices for faster processing and approval as data is instantly available electronically, meaning invoices will be paid on time.

Reduces costs

Delivery costs can be reduced due to savings in postage, materials, processing and storage costs. Further savings result from a reduction in reprint requests and customer service calls.

Improved Customer Satisfaction Less invoice processing and payment issues mean that customers receive the level of service that they would like and results in closer supplier/buyer relationships.
Reduces carbon footprint
Automating manual invoices removes the need for printed invoices.
Enhances visibility and controls

The eInvoicing solution guarantees delivery with full audit trail and daily reports.

Free to suppliers

For suppliers wishing to be part of the Scottish Government eInvoicing Programme there are no complex or costly technical requirements and no transaction fees.