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Key Benefits for public bodies

Reduced Costs Scanning, keying, storage, manual retrieval or destruction costs are removed from the process. Electronic invoices are delivered straight into your finance system, automating the process and reduce operation costs further.
Increases accuracy and processing efficiency The eInvoicing solution enables straight-through processing of invoice data into the finance system, making the process more efficient as time, effort and cost will be reduced.
Faster processing and payment cycles As electronic invoicing bypasses certain elements of the manual invoicing process this enables faster processing meaning payments are on time.
Improves controls and compliance Validation and integrity checks embedded within the eInvoicing solution ensure processing compliance.
Increases visibility and transparency With manual invoicing there is a delay of visibility within the finance system. If you have visibility of the invoice as soon as it is issued this provides a higher level of control.
Focuses on higher value activities Staff will be freed up from entering low-value data entry jobs. They can now focus more on tasks such as auditing and validating invoices.
Complies with EU Directive By implementing eInvoicing it will make your organisation compliant with the EU directive.
Lower carbon footprint eInvoicing could help reduce your carbon footprint and the impact of your business on the environment by removing printing, posting, sorting and destroying of paper.