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How public bodies enrol in eInvoicing

A public body's first action must be to make contact with the Scottish Government eInvoicing Team to have an initial discussion to identify readiness to introduce an eInvoicing solution to your organisation. The initial communication will be to provide information on the eInvoicing solution, identify technical requirements, current invoice process, supplier on-boarding, Service Definition Document (SDD) - Validation Rules and next steps.

The Scottish Government or relevant public body will provide support and guidance to suppliers throughout the adoption, configuration and live transacting phase.

eInvoicing video

The Scottish Government has produced a new video (links to Youtube) to explain what needs to be considered when implementing the Scottish Government eInvoicing solution.

Key benefits for public bodies
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increases visibility and transparency
  • Increases accuracy and processing efficiency
  • Focuses on higher value activities
  • Faster processing and payment cycles
  • Improves controls and compliance
  • Complies with EU Directive
  • Lower carbon footprint

A full description of key benefits is also available.