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Supplier on-boarding

Supplier on-boarding is the adoption of suppliers onto the Scottish Government's (SG) eInvoicing Programme.

For suppliers wishing to be part of the SG eInvoicing Programme there are no complex or costly technical requirements and there are no transaction fees – it is a free service for suppliers.

Supplier on-boarding is a quick and easy process which is made simpler and more efficient if suppliers could provide the following information when contacted by the relevant on-boarding team:

  • supplier name, contact name, email address and phone number (i.e. person who has previously dealt with eInvoicing, Finance Manager, IT/System Administrators)

  • confirm they can support eInvoicing and which format is most suitable (i.e. PDF, cXML, sFTP)

  • if you transact with any other eInvoicing solutions

  • availability for configuration.

The Scottish Government are currently on-boarding all relevant national and sectoral suppliers (suppliers are deemed suitable based on volume of invoices and usage across sectors). The buying organisation will be responsible for identifying and on-boarding their own local suppliers.