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The effective use of technology is at the heart of Public Procurement in Scotland.  Scottish Procurement is leading a number of core initiatives to deliver value for money and contribute to the Scottish economy.

The Scottish Government's eCommerce Shared Service provides possible solutions which are explained here, and will assist both the public and private sector streamline the way business is conducted.

Pre-Contract Award

Post-Contract Award

Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) - The national advertising portal for all contracting opportunities across the Scottish public sector.

Catalogue Content Management (CCM) - Hosts electronic catalogues for contracts at national, sectoral and local level.

PCS - Tender - Provides buying organisations with a set of web-based collaborative procurement tools including eTendering and eEvaluation.

PECOS Purchase to Pay (P2P) - This system provides a consistent interface to suppliers through standard order, receipt and invoice functionality.

Information Hub - A sophisticated analytic tool which allows procurement professionals to determine how much they are spending with third party suppliers.

eInvoicing - There are a number of payment options to the public sector including the electonic Purchasing Card (ePC) and eInvoicing.


P2P Reviews - Provides public bodies with an independent review of P2P systems and processes, providing recommendations where efficiencies and change could be implemented to establish optimum P2P processes.