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Server Maintenance Framework



The Server Maintenance framework agreement is open to all Scottish public bodies.

The framework agreement will offer a direct route to market via a single supplier call off ordering procedure. 

What is in scope?

The scope of the framework agreement is for the provision of Server Maintenance services including but not limited to:

Key requirements:-

  • All Server types including Blade; Rack; and Tower options. Server Maintenance will include all internal server components, for example Processor, Memory, hard-drives and any internal cards;
  • Local Area Network (LAN) Switches:  Maintenance services appropriate to Switch hardware only.  (Associated cables and adaptors are not to be included);
  • Tape Drives and Tape Libraries:  Maintenance services for peripheral devices attached directly to server or LAN;
  • Keyboard Video Monitor Switch (KVM):  Hardware Maintenance only;
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices:  Hardware Maintenance only.  (Configuration, disk partitioning and backup facilities are not to be included);
  • Storage Area Network (SAN):  Maintenance services for hardware only including individual disk or shelve replacement.  (Configuration, disk partitioning and backup facilities are not to be included).

Optional maintenance services requirements:-

  • Operating System:  (including Windows, Unix, Linux and Solaris) - Maintenance service relates to the operational readiness and security of the system which includes Operating System re-installation and application of Security Patches and Service Releases;
  • Firmware:  Maintenance services relating to installation of firmware for server components, LAN Switches and applicable peripheral devices.  (SAN Firmware is not to be included);
  • Equipment Moves:  This will include internal moves within current location and/or external moves to another location.

What is out of scope?

For the avoidance of doubt, the following service is not in scope and cannot be offered under this framework agreement:

  • IT desktop maintenance

There is another ICT framework that is more suitable for desktop maintenance, 'Digital and Technology Services', and we would encourage that this be considered as it may be more appropriate to your requirement.

Who is this available to?

  • Central government
  • Health
  • Local authorities
  • Universities and colleges
  • Third sector
  • Other public bodies

Full details can be found on Public Contracts Scotland.

Note: It is the responsibility of any buying organisation wishing to use the framework agreement to satisfy itself that it is eligible to do so.  If there is any doubt, legal advise should be sought.


  • The framework is in line the Digital Public Services Strategy and supports the Scottish Government Data Hosting and Data Centre Strategy for the Scottish Public Sector.  
  • Technically competent and achievable solutions for Scottish public sector organisations. 
  • The framework provides best value across Scotland with savings achievable through collaborative use of the framework. 
  • The framework addresses the Scottish Government’s aspirations with regards to social, environmental and sustainability issues.
  • This award follows a comprehensive tender exercise, under EU public procurement           regulations, and provides an easy route to market for contracting organisations. 

Start Date

24 June 2015

End date

23 June 2019


MCSA Group Limited (previously Maindec)

Contact and feedback To:

Suzanne Reid
Senior Portfolio Specialist

ICT Services and Software

Email suzanne.reid@gov.scot
Phone 0141 242 0231

Andy Scott
Portfolio Manager
ICT Services and Software

Email andrew.scott@gov.scot
Phone: 0141 242 5920

Further Information

A buyers guide is available.

Further information including specifications and pricing is available via a number of sources:

  • Our secure stakeholder site - Knowledge Hub
  • Your procurement centre of expertise information pages

If you are not registered to access our Knowledge Hub site please email scottishprocurement@gov.scot.