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Digital Services Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS 1.0)



This Dynamic Purchasing System is for the provision of Digital Services.  It will support the Scottish Government's digital strategy and will provide access to a range of digital skills, including cyber expertise, as well as supporting the delivery of agile projects.

The contract notice for the Digital Services DPS will remain open throughout the lifetime of the DPS. The DPS will operate in a similar way to a framework, however, it is an entirely electronic process and suppliers can apply to join the DPS at any time. 

The duration of the DPS was advertised for 24 months - an initial 12 months with an option for a further 12 months. This initial 12 month period runs until 25 October 2018. The DPS will continue to be available beyond this date until DPS 2.0 is  available January 2019.

Suppliers wishing to join should go to PCS-Tender.  Please refer to the guidance in the supplier’s guide below.

This is an opportunity for all suppliers that deliver services within the scope.

Contracts are awarded via call offs, issued by Scottish public sector organisations through the DPS, inviting suppliers to tender for in scope services. 

What is in scope?

Digital Services: 

  • Lot 1 – Digital Projects
  • Lot 2 – Digital Resources
  • Lot 3 – Cyber Security Services

Please see the buyer’s guide for details of the scope of each lot.

What is out of scope?

  • ICT Products
  • Direct purchase of software
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Networks

There are other ICT frameworks that are more suitable for ICT Products (ICT Products - national) and ICT Networks (ICT Networks - national) and we would encourage that these be considered as they may be more appropriate to your requirement.

There are other frameworks for the provision of interim staff (Temporary and Interim Staff Recruitment Services) we would encourage that these be considered as they may be more appropriate to your requirement.

If you have any doubts of the correct framework to use please contact a member of the ICT Services and Software team (details below).

Who is this available to?

  • Central Government
  • Health
  • Local authorities
  • Universities and colleges
  • Third Sector (voluntary organisations and charities registered in Scotland)
  • Other public bodies

Full details can be found on Public Contracts Scotland

Note: It is the responsibility of any buying organisation wishing to use the DPS to satisfy itself that it is eligible to do so.  If there is any doubt, legal advice should be sought.

  1. Access to a wide range of digital technology suppliers
  2. Easy access for suppliers  
    • encouraging strong competition
    • encouraging small and medium sized enterprise participation
  3. Suppliers can join the DPS at any time, provided they meet the selection criteria
  4. Completely electronic process
  5. Streamlined procurement

Current Status

Start Date

26 October 2017

End date

25 October 2019

NOTE: This date will be subject to review as this DPS is likely to be superseded by a new DPS.

Further details


Full list of suppliers


Margaret Anne McKeown

Senior Portfolio Specialist

ICT Services and Software

Phone: 0141 242 0111

Email: margaretann.mckeown@gov.scot

Andy Scott
Portfolio Manager
ICT Services & Software
Phone: 0141 242 5920

Email: andy.scott@gov.scot

Further Information


A buyers guide is available. 

In addition we have a template set of terms and conditions – if buyers wish to consider these they are available on PCS-Tender or within our page on the Scottish Procurement Knowledge Hub.

To obtain access to the Knowledge Hub, please contact Scottishprocurement@gov.scot and quote Digital Services – Dynamic Purchasing System.


We have attached a suppliers guide for suppliers wishing to apply to participate in the Digital Services DPS.

More information

More information about the Dynamic Purchasing System can be found in our information leaflet.