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ICT Networks national contracts

ICT Networks

The procurement strategies for Networks are developed following collaboration and extensive engagement with key stakeholders across Scottish public sector, and the supply base. User Intelligence Groups (UIGs) were established for each national procurement exercise and contain representation from each sector.

Benefits include maximising efficiency through collaboration, delivery and demonstration of real cash savings, embedding sustainable procurement, fair work considerations and improving access to public sector contracts. The strategy is in line with realising Scotland's full potential in a digital world: A Digital Strategy for Scotland and the Public Procurement Reform Programme. The ICT Networks portfolio consists of the following national frameworks / arrangements:

  • Telephony Services - Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

  • Mobile Voice and Data Services

  • Digital Conferencing Services

  • Network Advice - Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

If you would like more information on any of the above, or if you have any comments or suggestions please get in touch with our team:

David Box (Senior Portfolio Specialist)

Phone: 0141 242 0345

Email: david.box@gov.scot

Leigh Syme (Procurement Assistant)

Phone: 0131 244 6812

Email: leigh.syme@gov.scot

Dawn Swan (Senior Portfolio Specialist)

Phone:  0141 242 5595

Email: dawn.swan@gov.scot