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IT Training Services Framework



The provision of IT Training Services in the Scottish Government. This framework agreement will be available for use by core Scottish Government departments and the following 17 Agencies and Associated Departments and Scottish Non Departmental Public Bodies served by Scottish Ministers.

What is in scope?

The IT Training Services Framework is available for:

  1. Call-off contract - booking on an open course – for example, course run by the provider open to or accessible by the public. This is done on a strict rotational basis.
  2. Mini competition for bespoke/closed course – courses designed for and/or run exclusively for the framework body.

What is out of scope?

Consultancy services

Who is this available to?

Available to Scottish Government, third sector, other public bodies via the Scottish Government that are listed in the buyer's guide.


Enabling IT capability to effectively deliver better outcomes for the people of Scotland through the efficient, skilled and prudent use of IT skills.

Current status

Start date

IT Training Services framework: 1 June 2016

End date

IT Training Services framework: 31 May 2020

Further details

Contact and feedback to

Scottish Government contract manager for Lots 1 and 2

Maxine Reid

Head of Knowledge and Information Management

Phone: 0131 244 8126

Email: maxine.reid@gov.scot

Scottish Government contract manager for Lot 3

Eivor Dempster

IT Governance Manager

Phone: 0131 244 0129

Email: eivor.dempster@gov.scot

Contract suppliers

If a call-off is required the framework public body and/or delegate should contact the Programme and Project Management Centre of Expertise before making contact with any supplier.

Lot 1 - eRDM training


QA Limited

Portland House

17 Renfield Street


G2 5AH

Contact: Gillian Reid

Phone: 0141 226 1312

Mobile: 0772 133 1599

Email: gillian.reid@qa.c


Lot 2 - End user application training


Elite House

1 Blythswood Square


G2 4AD

Contact: Stephen Docherty

Phone: 0844 544 4226

Mobile: 07798 787105

Email: sdocherty@elitetc.co.uk


Lot 3 - IT specialist training

Course Delivery and Development - ranking system

Lot 3 will operate a ranking procedure.  As per the details below QA are ranked number 1 and Elite are ranked number 2.   When a requirement for an external trainer arises, the contract manager will contact QA ranked number 1 in the first instance to establish their availability to deliver the course.  No negotiation on dates will take place.  In the event that QA ranked number 1 is unavailable on the date(s) in question the work will then be offered to the Elite ranked number 2.  This process will be repeated until the requirement has been allocated to a contractor.


Training Provider Ranked (1)


Portland House

17 Renfield Street


G2 5AH

Contact: Gillian Reid

Phone number: 0141 226 1312 / 0772 133 1599

Email: gillian.reid@qa.com     


Training Provider Ranked (2)

Elite Training and Consultancy Services (Scotland)

Elite House

1 Blythwood Square


G2 4AD

Contact: Stephen Docherty

Phone number: 0844 544 4226 / 0141 222 2227 / 07798 787015

Email sdocherty@elitetc.co.uk

Contract or framework guidance

Buyer's guide

Further information

Information regarding pricing will be discussed with contractors individually on issue of each strict rotation.