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Postal Services



National framework for the provision of postal services

What is in scope?

The key services included under this agreement are:

Lot 1 – Physical and hybrid mail – Royal Mail

This lot is for:

a)  the collection of physical mail from all Scottish Public Sector organisations.  Next day collection and delivery service is available Scotland wide with no geographical bias.  The solution provides a next day delivery to all UK addresses; and

b) a hybrid mail service that allows users to develop mail items on their desktop. Software allows them to issue the mail item via to a central production area whereby Royal Mail's fulfilment partners will produce the physical item. The items are produced in a secure manner and to an agreed format ensuring that the most optimum tariff available is achieved. The items are collected by Royal Mail and delivered via their final mile delivery service.  As well as cost savings, hybrid mail provide significant stationery, process and environmental benefits.

Lot 2 – Scheduled/Regular Bulk Mail (Print and Post) – Royal Mail

The production and delivery of scheduled/regular bulk mailings. This is achieved via the secure transfer of address and data files to an off-site mail production centre where the address/data files are used to create the mail item; the mail is then printed, sorted and passed for delivery to the final destination. This service includes, but is not limited to:

  • health screening service letters
  • generic health messaging
  • appointment letters and reminders
  • council tax notices and reminders
  • environmental waste campaigns and communications
  • rates notices
  • housing benefit notices
  • invoices
  • education campaign materials
  • accommodations and campus letters
  • bursary notices
  • prospectus packs


What is out of scope?

The postal services framework does not include

  • courier services
  • franking machines
  • document exchange

Who is this available to?

  • Central government
  • Fire
  • Health
  • Local authorities
  • Police
  • Universities and colleges
  • Third sector
  • Other public bodies

Note: It is the responsibility of any buying organisation wishing to use the framework agreement to satisfy itself that it is eligible to do so. Entitlement can be established from the terms of the OJEU advert and guidance on this can be found in annex A of Scottish Government Guidance on Framework Agreements. If there is any doubt, legal advice should be sought.


The key benefits for organisations utilising the framework are:

  • Value for money savings as benchmarked against the previous framework
  • Managed pricing models which will allow organisations opportunities to improve framework pricing further by improving how they produce mail items.
  • Royal Mail will provide a consultancy service to organisations, carrying out analysis of current mail methods and processes and will provide advice on infrastructure and processes in order to bring benefits and efficiencies to the organisation
  • No minimum volumes for hybrid services

Current status

Start Date

01 October 2016

End Date

30 September 2020


Further details

Contact and feedback to:

Kath Cowan

Senior Portfolio Specialist

Email: kathleen.cowan@gov.scot

Phone: 0141 242 0129

Maria McGrorry

Email: maria.mcgrorry@gov.scot

Phone:  0141 242 0125

Information regarding pricing and terms and conditions can now be found on Knowledge Hub.

If you are not registered to access this site and are eligible to use the framework please complete the template and email to Kath Cowan at kathleen.cowan@gov.scot

Contract Supplier(s)

Lot 1 and Lot 2 – Royal Mail Group Limited

Contract or Framework Agreement Guidance

For further information, including contact details, please refer to the attached Buyer's Guide