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Information for buyers

As a buyer within the Scottish public sector, there are a lot of products that the Scottish Government provides which can help you through the public procurement process.

Guidance and help
  • Construction procurement manual
    Guidance for those responsible for managing/delivering construction projects
  • Procurement Journey
    Step by step support for all levels of procurement activity
  • Supplier Journey
    Step by step information for suppliers
  • Single Point of Enquiry
    Help for suppliers who are having issues with procurement exercises being carried out by Scottish public sector organisations
  • Buyers guide for working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) - as part of a wider review of support provided to SMEs, this guide has been removed.

    All relevant content from the guide is available within the Procurement Journey, which along with the Supplier Journey are the two primary support tools used today by the majority of buyers and suppliers, and provide a comprehensive, modern and easy to navigate source of guidance and documentation for the Scottish public sector. 

    If you have any questions relating to this please email the Procurement Engagement Team

  • eCommerce
    Technology used to ensure procurement brings value for money
Learning and skills

If you have any queries about the public procurement process please contact Scottish Procurement.