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Smart phone app launched for buyers in public sector

16 March 2015

A new online app has been launched making it easier for buyers in the public sector to progress procurement processes on the move, via their smart phones. The new app is aimed at buyers and approvers who use PCS-Tender, which forms part of the Scottish Government’s eCommerce shared service. It has been created to help users save significant time and effort – buyers will now be able to approve requests for information and monitor the progress of contracts, invitations to tender (ITT) and pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) on their handheld device.

The functionality of the PCS-Tender system has now been extended to a mobile phone app in response to user feedback and also to give users the ability to check and approve requests on the move. The app, which can be used with either iPhones or Androids, provides access to the full range of secure information and options as are currently available on PCS-Tender.

With PCS-Tender streamlining procurement processes online, offering consistency and standardisation for buyers and suppliers alike, the benefits are already being felt across the public sector procurement community.

Features and benefits of PCS-Tender iPhone and Android app
  • already available to all users with a PCS-Tender log in
  • allows you to check the progress of your ITT, PQQs and contracts while on the move
  • ability to approve user requests and view summary information
  • helps meet the needs of users who may not be in the office and facilitates remote and flexible working
  • helps buyers and approvers make best use of their time and resources

You can download the free app now. Users with a PCS-Tender login can start using it straight away.

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