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Do you need help choosing or enabling any network services?

5 February 2015

The Network Enablement Services Agreement went live last year and a number of public sector organisations are looking forward to experiencing cost savings and technological benefits, having already awarded business through the framework. Some of the typical types of services already procured through the framework are:

  • suggested designs and network solutions
  • network audits and analysis of network services
  • implementation of new network services
  • network integration
  • network security services

There are a number of other services that can also be procured from the Network Enablement Services Agreement which will help inform decisions relating to your choice of network services and the resulting enablement and support of those choices.

Public sector organisations may be considering their budgets for the coming year and looking to areas where they can potentially save money and spend wisely on their network services. You will gain unbiased and independent advice within these areas of network services and can also look forward to some savings. This collaborative framework is expected to create potential savings of up to £2 million for the Scottish public sector through the provision of a wide range of services.

Among other key benefits, this is classed as a 'convergence framework' which will help enable, at a strategic level, the roll out of the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN). This framework allows for the transition to ensure that organisations can align their networks to potentially migrate to SWAN at the appropriate time, as part of a coherent Digital Public Services Strategy for Scotland.