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Help achieve public sector climate change duties

6 February 2015

By investing just a little cost, Scottish public sector organisations can help to create a sustainable Scotland, achieving huge carbon, environmental and work related efficiency benefits by using Scottish Procurement’s national single supplier web conferencing framework agreement.

To date, just over 24,000 conferences have taken place by the seven public sector organisations currently using this agreement, which has saved over 736,000 kg of Co2 emissions.  This equates to taking over 40,000 small cars or over 20,000 large cars off the road -  significantly reducing the carbon footprint of customers using this agreement.

The SEPA case study illustrates the various benefits they enjoy through this framework agreement.  You can request an account for your organisation now.  If you would like to follow SEPA’s lead and get help with rolling out this new service, help can be acquired from the new ‘Network Enablement Services’ framework agreement.