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New EU directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement

6 February 2015

In July 2014, Scottish Procurement advised that the EU Directive for Electronic Invoicing in Public Procurement came into force on 26 May 2014 and is to be implemented into national law by amendment to the Scottish Regulations (Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2012) no later than 27 November 2018.

Who will it apply to?

The Directive requires contracting authorities to be able to receive eInvoices and make payment electronically for all contracts regulated under the EU Procurement Directives. However, while the acceptance of eInvoices by all contracting authorities is mandatory, the exchange of invoices in other formats will still be allowed if both the contracting authority and supplier agree.

While central government and the NHS must comply by this deadline, other public bodies may have up to a further 12 months to comply.

What has happened?

The Scottish Government has:

  • organised and delivered presentations in Edinburgh, Perth, Glasgow and Dundee informing public sector contracting authorities about eInvoicing and its benefits with a view to them introducing the receipt of eInvoices into their organisations
  • identified a number of appropriate national and sectoral suppliers to approach and bring on-board
What is the current situation?
  • Support and guidance is being developed for contracting authorities, suppliers and others affected by the Directive. The guidance will be designed to help compliance with the new legislation.
  • To date, the Scottish Government eInvoicing Team (SGeIT) has ‘on-boarded’ 15 Category national and 41 sectoral suppliers who have indicated their willingness to issue eInvoices.
  • The SGeIT are in the process of identifying the level of ‘readiness’ of over 25 buying organisations who have already indicated their interest in receiving eInvoices.
  • West Lothian and Stirling Council are now live and using the Scottish Government eInvoicing solution and are receiving eInvoices from nominated suppliers.
Further Information

If you would like to register your organisations interest in introducing eInvoicing or have any questions about this project please contact e-invoicing at Scottish Procurement.