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Visitors from Lebanon

Lebanese visit 2Visitors from Lebanon

Last month it was our pleasure to welcome visitors from the Lebanese Government. Two of our teams took the time to share knowledge with the Lebanese delegation, who were in Scotland as part of a study tour and keen to speak to us to learn from our experiences.


The Elcom user conference at the Dunblane Hydro on the 23 May was the perfect opportunity for Lynn Peterson, Head of eCommerce (Post-Award), to explain to our guests how our national eCommerce platform supports and embeds the full procurement process from advertising to payment.

Lynn said:

"They were very impressed with how much collaboration goes on across the public sector and how we've managed to deliver eCommerce capability to not only our public bodies but suppliers as well."

The Scottish Model of Procurement    

On 25 May Nikki Bell, Head of Commercial Policy and Project Assurance met our overseas colleagues in Edinburgh and took the opportunity to discuss some key topics including:

  • The Scottish Model of Procurement as an enabler of Scotland's economic strategy, innovation and government aims

  • The importance of the professionalisation of procurement and investment in skills, with a focus on commercial capability

Nikki explained:

"We had a good debate on the correlation between early engagement in planning and development cycles and the impact procurement can make to governments' wider objectives." 

Future collaboration

Discussions have continued beyond their initial visit with information flowing in both directions. The Lebanese government are considering how they can deliver a shared eCommerce platform to their central ministries and are keen to mirror our focus in several areas including specification writing and contract skills.

They are also very interested in learning from our Scottish approach to help promote:

  • the idea of revolutionising complex public procurement systems, and

  • practising public procurement in a way that includes economic growth.

In the meantime, we were delighted to receive details of the Lebanese Government's approach to professionalising their procurement teams to help benchmark our own ways of working. 

Mr Saad said:

"We were very impressed with the Scottish experience in public procurement and hope to be able to benefit from your achievements and lessons. We value the connection with Scottish Government and are committed to retaining it."