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Scotland's first vertical indoor farm

Vertical indoor farm 3Our Property Division has helped colleagues to confirm a 10 year sub-lease and development agreement on a let farm at Invergowrie. Scottish Ministers lease the specialist farm to The James Hutton Institute, who have reached an agreement with a local SME, Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS), to co-locate on the Invergowrie site.

It will be an innovative new vertical plant growth facility, allowing the indoor growth of high value plants and crops under automated and fully artificial climatic conditions, with lighting provided by energy efficient pulsed LEDs. To optimise use of space, plants will be grown in vertically stacked trays which are accessed by an automated rotating retrieval system.

This initiative will bring many benefits to the Scottish Government funded institute:

  • opportunities to expand and develop the existing research relationship with IGS
  • opportunities for institute staff to experience effective partnership with industry
  • potential for the institute to use part of the facility for their own research on other programmes
  • the encouragement of other commercial partners to co-locate at the institute
  • an increase in the institute’s reputation associated with having a unique and innovative facility on site

The facility has been designed and funded by IGS and construction has started on site.