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Supplier brand name change - Maindec now MCSA

30 August 2016

Maindec, the single supplier on our Server Maintenance framework, and one of the 14 suppliers on the Digital and Technology Services (DATS) framework, have now changed their brand name from Maindec Computer Solutions Limited to the MCSA Group Limited.

This is a brand name change only, and does not affect any contracts already signed under the Maindec name. The registered company number remains the same, therefore no contract changes are required. All contractual documents provided via our SharePoint site have been renamed to reflect the new brand name, but only the document titles have changed - the actual content of the documents remain the same.

The change in brand reflects Maindec acquiring CSA Waverly in February 2013. Both companies have traded under their separate brand names until December 2015 with the decision to combine the brands to create MCSA Group Limited in July 2016.