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Procurement and Commercial Training frameworks

23 February 2017

The Scottish Government has two framework agreements for Procurement and Sustainable Procurement training. These are available for two years with possible two one-year extensions for each framework agreement. These frameworks are open for framework public bodies to use.

We need to ensure that procurement professionals deliver benefits with public money in a way that is:

  • compliant with the changes in legislation
  • more sustainable, and is
  • in line with the Scottish procurement landscape and its associated best practice

It is increasingly important that these are not seen as isolated but as part of a wider aspiration to improve commercial capability.

The Procurement and Commercial Training framework: Procurement

The supplier for this framework agreement is Arc Blue. The framework provides procurement learning, for goods, services and works, compliant with relevant legislation and grounded in the Scottish Model of Procurement.

The Procurement and Commercial Training framework: Sustainable Procurement

The supplier for this framework agreement is Sustainable Procurement Ltd. The framework provides learning on achieving economic, social and environmental goals through procurement, with a particular focus on latest Scottish procurement policy and legislation, including the sustainable procurement duty.

About the frameworks

The two frameworks are available for:

(i) the delivery of learning activities from the framework's learning programme which are tailored and put into context for the framework public body,


(ii) the development of new learning activities for inclusion in the learning programme, which can then be delivered to framework public bodies. All development queries must come through the framework manager to ensure this has not already been developed.

The buyer's guide for these frameworks is also available on the Knowledge hub site.

The Professional Practice and Development Knowledge Hub has over 1300 members involved in public sector procurement in Scotland. This site can be used by people wishing to share learning spaces across the Scottish public sector and to discuss the frameworks.

For any queries please contact the Procurement and Commercial Training Frameworks Manager Rachael Hughes.