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Aerial photography and mapping contract awarded


A four year contract (with an option to extend by 12 months) was recently placed with Getmapping Plc, a leading provider of aerial photography and mapping products. The total contract value is £2.1 million. The Scottish Government recommended the creation of an aerial photography procurement group to implement a co-ordinated approach to the procurement of aerial photography within Scottish Government and the wider Scottish public sector.

The requirement is to capture aerial photography data covering the complete land area of Scotland, including all Scottish Islands.

  • payment only being made to the contractor once data has been flown
  • monthly fee is also payable to cover the processing, hosting and supply of data via a dedicated web management system
  • improvements in technical outputs and the inclusion of colour infra-red data
  • users being able to access royalty-free aerial imagery data for any purpose, including commercial purposes
  • free online access to data for schools and community groups free of charge

Aerial photography is used across the Scottish public sector to support a wide range of business and operational activities. These include:

  • mapping information for transport networks
  • habitat mapping
  • updating the National Forestry Inventory
  • validation of agricultural subsidies

Additionally, aerial photography data is required to ensure Scottish Government complies with its obligations under the European Union (EU) INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial information in Europe) Directive. This requires all member States to provide a common set of environmentally related data, with monetary penalties for failing to comply.

Aerial photography was previously procured the Pan-Government Agreement 2 (PGA2) placed by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

The result of which was a competitive tendering exercise was undertaken by the Scottish Government and a contract awarded.

Contact Bill Smith, Scottish Procurement, for further information.