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Procurement - people and capability (learning and skills)

Developing procurement capability across the public sector in Scotland means developing our people, supporting organisations and culture. The Scottish Government’s initiatives fall under three broad categories:

  • Procurement People of Today and Leaders of Tomorrow aims to develop our ‘current’ procurement and commercial talent. It focuses on identifying and addressing skills gaps and learning priorities through a cross-sectoral National Learning and Skills strategy, helping to create our leaders of tomorrow and championing career paths and continuous professional development.
  • Procurement People of Tomorrow is a Scotland-wide partnership programme that aims to create our ‘future’ procurement and commercial talent. Our vision is to leave a sustainable legacy for the procurement profession in Scotland by growing our own talent to address industry-wide skills shortages. This includes engaging with schools, colleges and universities to raise awareness of procurement as a career of choice; creating and supporting vocational and academic pathways in to the profession including new Modern Apprenticeship programmes and joining up with industry to support youth employment.
  • Creating and championing enabling organisations, culture and environment allowing procurement to thrive.


If you have any comments or queries please contact Scottish Procurement.