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Public Sector

Public Sector

The Scottish Government has a range of functions aimed at enhancing and improving the quality of public services. It administers an annual budget of more than £30 billion, which it distributes through local authorities and public bodies.

Public Sector sub section

  • Public Service Reform

    Creating a clearer, simpler and more effective public sector for the people of Scotland.

  • Lobbying

    Drafting of the Lobbying (Scotland) Bill and the introduction of a register of lobbying activity.

  • Promoting Scotland

    Initiatives to promote Scotland abroad - as a place to live and work, visit and invest

  • Finance

    Scottish Government budget developments.

  • Local Government

    Information on the 32 directly elected mainland and islands councils responsible for providing local services.

  • Public Bodies

    Details of public bodies in Scotland, including the National Public Bodies Directory.

  • Programme & Project Management

    Programme and Project Management: Information on Gateway Review and PPM including advice and guidance.

  • Public Sector Pay

    Public sector pay policies, including the Scottish Government evidence to the independent UK pay review bodies on regional pay.

  • Elections

    Information on Elections in Scotland including Local Government Elections

  • Procurement

    Government procurement procedures in line with World Trade Organisation and EU directives.