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Delivering a Zero Waste Scotland

Delivering a Zero Waste Scotland

A renewed approach revealed to tackle the waste challenges in Scotland

On January 22, 2010, the Scottish Government announced a new streamlined approach to delivery of the Zero Waste agenda.

Results of the recent consultation confirmed stakeholders' desire for a single, Scotland-focussed programme, driven by and aligned to deliver the Zero Waste Plan. The current WRAP Scotland programme will become Zero Waste Scotland, led by Iain Gulland. In addition, the new programme will integrate the activities of other current programmes: Waste Aware Scotland; Envirowise Scotland; Remade Scotland; Keep Scotland Beautiful; NISP; and the Community Recycling Network for Scotland.

The single Scottish programme will result in more focussed delivery of the Zero Waste Plan with other benefits including: simpler delivery landscape for customers, reduced overlaps of activities, potential efficiency savings, as well as improved transparency and accountability.

Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said:

"We are establishing Zero Waste Scotland to simplify the delivery of the extremely important environmental message: the need to tackle our waste culture to help conserve our resources for future generations and cuts costs for households and businesses.

"The work of Scotland's delivery bodies has been vital in achieving a nation-wide enthusiasm for a more responsible attitude to our waste. I thank each and every person who has helped Scotland this far on the journey towards Zero Waste.

"In order to meet Scotland's changing needs and deliver the Zero Waste Plan, we too must modify our approach to meet these needs.

"A Scottish identity, under Zero Waste Scotland, will allow us to tailor delivery to suit waste management and infrastructure. We will continue to work closely with current delivery partners during both the transition phase and in future endeavours.

"I believe that this approach will improve our ability for us to take action in Scotland, for Scotland."

Background Note:

  • Scotland has made great progress over recent years in the way that we deal with waste, including increases in our recycling rates to over 35 per cent
  • The Zero Waste Scotland delivery programme will build upon these achievements and focus on the challenges that lie ahead
  • Existing delivery partners will continue to provide services as part of the new programme under the Zero Waste Scotland brand.
  • The Zero Waste Scotland programme will maintain access to the resources and expertise of the WRAP UK organisation.