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Better Environmental Regulation

River viewProtecting the environment is not just a valuable end in itself. Scotland’s natural resources are vital to its economic success and the health and wellbeing of its citizens.

Many of Scotland’s most successful industries depend on our natural assets and the sustainable use of our environment is intrinsically linked to our economic potential as a nation.

Similarly, a healthy and flourishing environment is essential in ensuring that people in Scotland lead longer, healthier lives, that they value and enjoy their natural and built environment, and that our communities thrive and can access the amenities and services they need. 

Through our joint Better Environmental Regulation (BER) Programme, the Scottish Government and SEPA aim to provide a simpler legislative framework so that SEPA can be more transparent, accountable, proportionate, consistent and targeted in carrying out its regulatory functions.

This will enable SEPA to better identify, and focus most effort on, the most important environmental risks and harms. This will ensure more effective and efficient protection of the environment, reduce the regulatory burden on business and allow regulators to take opportunities to improve the environment.

The BER Programme is divided into four main parts:BER

Information about the main legislation which supports the programme and our stakeholder engagement is also available.

Would You Like To Know More ?

If you have any further questions about any aspect of the BER Programme, you can write to: EQCAT@gov.scot .

Details about the operational implementation of the BER programme, and related workstreams such as SEPA’s regulatory evidence strategy and proposed amendments to SEPA’s compliance assessment scheme (CAS), can be found on SEPA’s website.